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What is it like to work with A 3-step journey

by Bartek Kwiatkowski Jan 13, 2022

At, we specialize in creating Machine Learning-based recommendation systems for eCommerce environments. Our product integrates with your online store layout, suggesting items to your visitors that they might be interested in. Using ML in our operations allows for the recommendations to be very precise, taking into account either visual similarity or the patterns of client behavior on your pages. Good recommendations secure customer retention and increase conversions, as well as drive CLV - Customer Lifetime Value. Ultimately, the goal is to make clients feel like you know them and that they can trust you, which sows the seeds of brand loyalty. Is this something you’d be interested in? Before you drop us an email, how about we use this space to talk about what working with us looks like. We’d like you to get informed about our processes so that you know what to expect, should you start working with us. Of course, if you have any further questions about our product or Machine Learning in general, don’t hesitate to contact us! Although we handle the difficult part, which is building, installing and maintaining the recommendation system, we want you to have a chance to ask and learn. It’s your store we’ll potentially work with, after all. We may work with machines, but we like to emphasize the human part!

Without further ado, here’s what it’s like to work with us, in three steps! SaaS solution

Any collaboration you might want to start with us, actually begins on our side. We’ve created an automated and uniform solution for generating, implementing and controlling recommendations in your store. This is an approach we worked out after many years of eCommerce experience. We know that the biggest fear of many online shops is the long time it takes to build and implement such solutions, but also huge costs of integration. That’s why, at, we’ve decided to create a more universal solution, based on industry-standard Google products - Analytics, Tag Manager and Product Feed. This approach makes integrating with your store easier. The time between starting your work with us and for recommendations to be displayed on your shop’s page will be slashed. Finally, you’ll have much more control over them.

There are two types of recommendation models that we can create for you: Visual recommendations - this is the simpler system, based on similarities between products as shown on their product images. It works great for apparel, footwear, watches, furniture and other items where look is important. Behavioral recommendations - the more advanced of the two, this system takes into account the behaviors of people visiting your online store. It works by analyzing individual user behavior on your website and then uses that data to generate personalized recommendations. The data the Machine Learning model takes into account can, of course, be adjusted to include a desired set of parameters.

How does it work? It’s actually quite simple - you log into our service, add your website and the tags we need in Google Tag Manager (this enables real-time data collection). That’s it!

Optimization of Machine Learning models

After our solution is added to your website, each customer will get a personalized listpanel of recommended products, which vastly improves their experience on the page and reduces the churn rate. In a way, it’s a bit like predicting, or impacting the future. The model will either meet the needs of the customers, or uncover the needs they didn’t know they had. The journey doesn’t end with us introducing the Machine Learning model, as we will constantly update the model based on any changes to the product data. This is also a good moment to talk about how much it all costs. Or, as we should have said - what is the value that you get from it. Indeed, you can expect to only be charged for usage which is the number of times the recommendations are viewed by the visitors. The rate is, therefore, dependent on your website’s traffic. The rates on our websites have view tiers and it’s according to them that we calculate the price. In this way, you don’t pay for the development process, but only for the benefits, you get from our model.

Helping you with decision making

Using our recommendation systems is an ongoing process, and so is our assistance. It doesn’t require any effort on your side, though. All the data we need is being continuously and automatically collected. We not only use it to keep the recommendations going, but we also interpret it in real-time and draw new conclusions. What is more, data allows us to notice any significant changes in your online store and conduct efficient business analysis.

We can further help you make the right decisions by using the data to set up A/B tests. Thanks to that, we will be able to examine variables in actual work environments, for example, by analyzing user interactions with several versions of your home page. This will ensure that you’re able to grow in the right direction, along with your client base’s changing needs.

Is this something you think your company needs? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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