Two approaches to product recommendations

We offer both visual and behavioural based recommendations. You get to decide which one best suits your needs, or you can opt for a hybrid.


Qanuk can behave like an in-store retail assistant, guiding customers with useful recommendations for visually similar products that align with your users' styles. In mere milliseconds you can improve user engagement and delight your customers with visually relevant products.


You can opt to enhance your customers’ experience by analysing their interaction with your site. Choosing this by option allows us to create behavioural patterns and recommend suitable products based on the clients’ actual interests.

How does it work?

  • 1

    Quick setup

    Create an account on the console, configure your store and products.

  • 2

    Product list

    We download your product list and start receiving events from the store.

  • 3

    Model training

    Visual-based and behavioural models are trained.

  • 4

    Stay updated

    When new products are added, ML models are updated.

  • 5

    Monitor progress

    You can check the results in the user-friendly console dashboard.

Tech radar

We take great care to select and use technologies that will provide the best solutions.

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